offers insights into the extensive collection of "ferrum", the interactive museum of the world of iron in Ybbsitz. Thanks to the possibilities of digital presentation, the forging works of Austrian, Czech, Italian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Ukrainian, and yes - international - blacksmiths and metal designers can be experienced anywhere and anytime. is testimony of the friendship between Austrian and Czech blacksmiths.

It is the result of the project "Borderless Blacksmith's Treasures" - a cross-border project of the association Schmiedezentrum Ybbsitz in cooperation with the Czech communities of Brtnice and Náměšť nad Oslavou. Within the framework of a project funded by Interreg, members of the association , blacksmiths, representatives from politics and tourism as well as other interested parties developed the concept for the digital platform "" together with the agency P&R. 

Presenting forged works digitally and introducing their creators

On "" we bring the works digitally before the curtain, in order to grant a boundless access to this treasure to all those interested in forging, be it educational institutions, the artists and craftsmen themselves as well as future generations.

The way of becoming ""

Watch the video of our bilateral process, our meetings and workshops in Austria and Czech Republic. 


Ybbsitz – meeting point for blacksmith and iron forging

To this day, Ybbsitz, with its magnificent mansions and ornate window grilles, remains the beating heart and a driving force in the Austrian and European blacksmithing scene.

See for yourself, visit our charming town in the Ybbstaler Alps and experience the forging treasures up close!